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  • Statement from the CCPJ Board

Earth Day, Earth Month, Earth Year, Earth Future

Updated: Apr 19, 2021


Thursday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. On that day the

Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice will join in

honoring people around the world who work to protect

the environment. But the stark reality is that the Earth

is heating up much faster than predicted. Fossil fuels

and other products we use daily are causing this crisis.

To avoid the worst outcomes, we need to cut that use

in half as quickly as possible. That’s a 50% reduction in

greenhouse gas emissions within 5 years. As we change

how we use energy in our lives, we must work together,

leaving no one behind. Government can act, but, as

we’ve learned from the pandemic, individual actions are

necessary for real change. This is the challenge: cut

greenhouse gas emissions by 50% beginning now.

One step is to stop wasting energy in our homes. Adding

insulation, sealing air leaks, lowering the thermostat in

winter, raising it in summer can cut emissions and save

money. Small steps add up to big effects.

Sometimes less is more. If you have a lawn

that borders a wooded area, stop mowing half of it.

Save time, energy, and money while Nature transforms

that lawn into a forest.

Most people can’t afford a new electric vehicle. But we all

can leave our car or truck parked at the curb, in the

driveway, or in the garage. Cutting the gallons of fuel

we use each day by half will cut our emissions by half.

CCPJ encourages Charlottesville area residents to take advantage of the Local Energy

Alliance Program (LEAP), which offers advice on insulation, solar installations, and

other energy-saving tips. They will even replace incandescent bulbs with efficient

LED bulbs. There is a nominal fee, but the bulbs alone are worth the price!

Through the LEAP program several years ago, one CCPJ-er put 44 panels on her roof, and since then has only had to pay a $7 service fee each month for utility hookup. But you don’t need a big sunny roof like hers. If only part of your roof gets sun, you could put a few solar panels on it. Find more information at

Anyone who wants to consider more ways to cut back can calculate their ecological footprint here:

We can do this. The time is now.


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