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About CCPJ

 The Charlottesville Center For Peace and Justice (CCPJ) was established in the early 1980s as a grassroots response to the threat of nuclear war and to promote alternatives to violence.  CCPJ promotes education and action for peace and justice in our community. We encourage all citizens to take responsibility for the policies and decisions of their government.  Since the events of September 11, 2001, and the ensuing "war on Terrorism", CCPJ has intensified its work and advocacy for peace and justice.

CCPJ is committed to:  
  • Peace, Justice, and Understanding
  • Maintaining an organization that brings the community together with groups engaged in peace and justice work.
  • Halting deployment of nuclear weapons.
  • Abolishing Virginia’s Death Penalty laws.
  • Practice of non-violent strategies for resolving conflicts
  • A living wage for all workers
  • Ending U.S. proliferation of violence, militarism, and racism
Over the past 30 years:
our focus has expanded to include diverse social and political issues:
  • Global economic disparity
  • Protection of civil liberties and human rights Proliferation of weapons in space
  • Excessive military spending
  • and many others.

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